Los Angeles Wedding Photographer | Marina and Rob’s wedding in Bel Air

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer | Bel Air

It was such a privilege to be Marina and Rob’s Wedding Photographer in Los Angeles. Their wedding took place on a perfect June day in Bel Air. I knew this wedding was going to be colourful but, wow – I wasn’t expecting it to be this stunning! The decorations around Sandra’s beautiful Bel Air home transformed it into a wedding venue that was elegant, stylish and colourful. There were huge swathes of purple, pink and red fabric draped above the seating area outside and votive candles were displayed in rich red glass which hung from chinese style branches. The attention to detail was incredible, and as the sun went down over the mountains everything turned even more magical! The swimming pool had rows and rows of fairy lights strung above illuminating the clusters of flowers floating on the water below. The wedding was a combination of several traditions: English, Chinese, and American…the groom arrived and had to “bargain” his way into the house to see his future Bride. This was no easy feat as the the bridesmaids had many forfeits for him to perform! Once inside, Sandra, the hostess, presented Rob and Marina with different foods representing something sweet, sour, bitter and hot. The next stage in the events was the tea ceremony where the elders in family are formally served chinese tea. After the tea ceremony it was time for Marina to get ready and change into her Bridal gown – a stunning red dress made by her dress designer in Singapore. It was such a privilege to be Marina and Rob’s wedding photographer and a pleasure to be part of their special day.


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2 Comments on “Los Angeles Wedding Photographer | Marina and Rob’s wedding in Bel Air”

  1. Dawn was an amazing part of our wedding! She was at once highly professional and deeply involved in capturing the emotion and setting. Her style and eye were unerring for telling the story of our special day.

    Our wedding was a blend of eastern and western practices and decor. We started with a bargaining session to even allow me in the door, which was great fun and involved me doing push-ups on the front porch (with the flower girl on my back!). We then moved to a Chinese tea ceremony honoring our family elders and allowing our children to pay respect to us. The ceremony itself contained elements and themes most commonly seen in western weddings, with the exception of Marina’s custom-tailored red dress which obviously put her at the center of attention.

    The entire event was meant to have a sense of casual elegance, from the decor to the ceremonies to the order of ceremony, and to celebrate the joining of families. Dawn perfectly captured the beauty of the setting and the people. She even coaxed my middle son, who can be camera-shy, into a priceless G-money photo in the changing room!

    We cannot recommend Dawn highly enough for weddings, events, and portraits. She is not the least expensive photographer around, but she delivered value for every cent of her fee. It’s impossible to put a price on the necessity of capturing the moments– you don’t get a do-over with a wedding– and she did so in a way that gave us wonderful memories for years to come.

  2. Dawn made our wedding day such a special event by capturing every detail so well. Her creativity in the photos, the way they look so elegant and stylish, and yet so real and informal, was amazing. She really captured the day perfectly, leaving nothing out. This gave us such a fantastic memory that we can pass down for generations.

    Dawn is an exceptionally talented photographer. She gets totally absorbed into the day and worked really hard the whole day to capture every single tiny detail in such a captivating and beautiful way. She delivered over 700 shots and we loved every single one!! We would highly recommend her!