California Dreaming: Real Life Stories of Brits in LA


An inspiring coffee table table book featuring stunning portraits and stories of fifty Brits from all walks of life who left England for a new life in sunny California

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An inspirational coffee table photography book featuring the stories and portraits of an eclectic mixture of British people from all different walks of life who have followed their dreams to the City of Angels. This book is about the Californian Dream featuring real stories from real people – the highs and lows. Heartfelt stories of those who left their lives in England for the City of Angels.

Having made the move to L.A., it takes a certain type of Brit to go through the trauma of dealing with immigration, packing up their old life and beginning a new one six thousand miles away from home. It’s more than just the sunny weather and personalities here that cause our fellow Brits to leave their homeland, family and friends to embark on a new life. The common threads that weave amongst the British who have followed their dreams and made a life here are determination, tenacity, and self-belief.

The subjects of California Dreaming are as diverse and surprising as Los Angeles itself. Over these last three years I have been on a remarkable journey and have made some lifelong friends along the way. Each shoot has taken me out of my comfort zone and all over this magical city.

From actors to acrobats, butlers to boxers, I hope the stories of those who left home for the adventure of Los Angeles will inspire, entertain, and move you. May you grab every opportunity to follow your own dreams, whatever they may be and wherever they take you – enjoy your own unique journey.