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Los Angeles Editorial Photography | Christian Wennberg

Los Angeles Editorial Photography Downtown After shooting downtown with the Compton Cricket team last year I looking forward to returning. My shoot with Christian was just the booking I was looking for and suited downtown LA’s edgy urban feel. While the sun gradually dropped down we shot in the most eclectic interior I could have […]

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Mhairi is a talented comedienne and actress from Scotland, and an incredible power yoga teacher. We met one day at the yoga studio where she teaches as I was leaving after taking one of the other teacher classes. She had just finished a photo shoot and so we got chatting.  


There was no-one by the pool the afternoon of the shoot and the light looked so pretty sparkling on the surface of the water. I decided that the pool was the perfect backdrop for Tayler’s headshots. In order to have the frame completely filled with just the blue water, Tayler had to perch right on […]