Slot Canyon

Slot canyon photography

Antelope Canyon in Arizona, USA, is one of the worlds most breathtakingly beautiful places. The climb down into the canyon takes you into another world, full of visceral textures, changing light and colour. From deep purples, oranges and yellows, to bright white light at the top. At noon, there is one spot where the light shines down through the slot at the top to create a perfect beam of light illuminating the ground beneath. Awe inspiring!

Slot canyon fine art photography

Slot canyon photography antelope canyon

antelope canyon photography

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2 Comments on “Slot Canyon”

  1. My initial glance at these photos had me thinking your subject was of such lovely colored materials/fabrics….and what a great outfit the color combination would make…..upon closer inspection, of course, I realize it is not fabric at all, well, at least not the type that one could fashion an outfit out of…..
    These photos are breath taking!

  2. When I first saw the “Slot Canyon” picture on your Fine Art page…I thought it was a picture of chiffon fabrics blowing in the wind! I’m in fashion so I clicked on it to see more….imagine my surprise to see all these stunning shots of a canyon! You captured such amazing colors and angles! I’m going to look this place up for a visit!
    Thanks, Cheryl