When booking your session, 25% of your package fee or $150 whichever is greater, non-refundable fee is required. This secures your booking and all other inquiries are declined for this date. The remainder of the session fee is payable on the day of your session. Your deposit is non-refundable but can be rescheduled due to illness or unforeseen circumstances. Please contact me at least three days prior to the shoot date if you need to reschedule. If we have bad weather on the day of the shoot we can reschedule.
Note: In the event of the client not showing up on the day of the shoot, or a last minute cancellation, there will be no refund and the shoot will not be rescheduled. There is the option of paying by check, cash or credit card.
Please note that there is an additional 3.5% charge for all credit card payments.

California Sales Tax

If there is any physical product delivered to the client, California Sales Tax is due on the total amount. If images are delivered via email or gallery download where no physical product is created then no Sales Tax is due.

A typical shoot

It is so important that the shoot is relaxed and fun! In order to achieve natural portraits that show the true personality of the client, both the client and the photographer need to work together. We all know the difference between a real smile and a fake one! During a portrait or headshot session, I do my best to ensure that my client is put at ease, that the lighting is flattering and that the expression and pose is just right. I have found that even the people who are nervous in front of the camera in the beginning, loosen up and end up really enjoying the shoot, and not wanting it to end! Throughout the shoot, I show my client the images I am taking so that they can understand what angles and looks work best for them. I find that this feedback results really fine tunes the shoot process and we work together as a more productive team. I use a combination of natural light and my portable lighting system which includes a variety of light modifiers. This helps to create a form and mood that natural light alone cannot do – and takes the portraits to the next level!

Examples of portable lighting combined with natural light

Retouching example


After the shoot has taken place my work really begins! It is a common misconception that the time spent actually shooting is the majority of the total time spent on the booking. This is actually the shortest part of the job overall.

My first task is to import all the images from the shoot ( usually several hundred ) into my post production software, Adobe Lightroom and edit the images so that the best are selected. My background of creating digital visual effects for movies and TV comes into play here as I have many years of experience creating the overall color treatment for TV commercials, promos and movies, and compositing images. In photography, I pay particular attention to composition and final color treatment. Each image is color corrected individually while ensuring that the sequence has the same overall look and feel. Once I have done a first pass on my selected images, I will go over each image again for more detailed work. This may also involve using photoshop and other plug-ins for retouching and removing unwanted objects, changing skies etc.

If an online gallery is included in the package, these edited, color corrected images will be uploaded to an online password protected gallery, where the client can share their images with family and friends. Images can be purchased as prints or digital downloads directly from the online gallery. In the case of headshots and portrait, the client will select their final images from the proofing gallery for retouching.

When can I view my images?

Your viewing gallery will be available within one week of your session date. After you have selected your images for retouching these will be delivered to you within the next 5 business days. If you need your images urgently please let me know – I will do my best to meet your deadline. Please feel free to share your online gallery with friends and family. The online viewing gallery will be available for up to 30 days depending on your individual booking agreement and you will be contacted via email when they are uploaded. During this time you will be able to select which portraits you would like to order, either as prints or high resolution digital downloads.

Copyright Release

All images taken at your session will be copyrighted by Dawn Bowery Photography and are protected by Federal Law. It is therefore unlawful to reproduce or alter the work of Dawn Bowery Photography in any manner, without written consent. Dawn Bowery Photography have control over the final look and style of our client’s images. Do not scan or reproduce any of the images as it will result in degrading the original image and is illegal. Feel free to share your images online but don’t forget to include the copyright credit © Dawn Bowery Photography. These images must not be cropped, or altered in any way. All clients are required to agree to these terms and conditions.

Images copied or printed from this website are violations of copyright laws.

Model Release

Before the photography session begins, the client will need to sign contract which includes a standard model release. Selected final images may be used for marketing purposes by Dawn Bowery Photography, e.g. website and Facebook.


When using your portraits in social media, or publications please ensure that the correct photography credit is given. If you would like to use the portraits in a publication please check with me first. Always mention or/and link to my website. If using on social media please also tag me as follows
website: dawnboweryphotography.com
facebook: dawnboweryphotography
twitter: dawnbowery