West Hollywood Event Photography | Brits in LA Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Party


 West Hollywood Event Photography


What a wonderful event Brits in LA put on to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee. We all got together at the Palihouse in West Hollywood to celebrate the occasion, and enjoyed a good ‘ole sing-a-long lead by the talented Maria Elena Infantino and Tom Lowe. We even had a “photo booth” where we could pose with our Queen! Thanks to Craig and Eileen and their volunteers the place looked  fit for a royal celebration and we were all spoilt with a never ending supply of dainty sandwiches , cakes and pastries! Delicious! I’m thrilled that my photographs were selected for by BBC America for their article about how Brits celebrated the Diamond Jubilee here in Los Angeles. Everyone wore their Sunday best for the event and to our surprise the Queen and Prince Phillip came along… ( well ok then, not really – but those masks were pretty funny! )

 West Hollywood Event Photography tom lowe,  

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